Clients admire Amherst Landscape's commitment to creative design, durability

Whether a job is large or small, residential or commercial, Steve Prothers and Amherst Landscape

and Design Associates always gives clients superior creativity, value and service.

Many customers have been with Amherst Landscape for decades and several have become friends with Prothers. They say Prothers' engaging and upbeat personality, honesty, integrity and forthrightness are the qualities they look for in a good contractor and a good friend.

When Jonathan Wright of Wright Builders, Inc. in Northampton talks about Prothers, he uses words like 'professionalism,' 'engaging,' 'accommodating,' and 'team player.' Wright and Prothers have been working on projects together for 30 years. Amherst Landscape has done work not just on Wright Builders projects, but also at Wright's home.

"Steve is always responsive to customers' needs," Wright said. "He's very helpful and knowledgeable. The people who work for Steve are first rate. We always get good feedback about him from our customers. It's always a positive experience."

Amherst Landscape is currently doing the landscaping work at Wright Builders single family and condominium construction projects at Village Hill in Northampton.

"That's good evidence of our opinion of the type of work Steve does," Wright said.

Curt Shumway of Hampshire Hospitality Group has known Prothers for a decade. They met when Prothers' wife Linda was his son's teacher in the Amherst school system.

"Steve came with good recommendations from folks," Shumway said of the reason he first hired Amherst Landscape.

Prothers' first project for Shumway was landscaping the Holiday Inn in Hadley when it was built 10 years ago. He has since done work at Shumway's other hotels including the Econolodge and CourtYard By Marriott, both in Hadley, and the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Northampton.

“All of our hotels are unique and custom,” Shumway said. "We focus on New England-type Properties. Aesthetically we put a lot of effort into the exterior of our properties. Steve's been great at that. His vision has been super. I want it to look just right and Steve understands that. He's open to hearing our ideas, but he'll also tell you if he thinks you're heading in the wrong direction. He has a lot of experience, great ideas and is easy to work with."

"His vision has been super. I want it to look just right and Steve understands that."

Chuck Bowles of Bowles Enterprises in Northampton has known Prothers for 30 years, and Amherst Landscape and Design Associates have done several residential and commercial jobs for him.

"I was probably one of Steve's first customers," Bowles said "He did work for me at Carburs Restaurant. He recently did a big job for me at Lyman Street Condominiums, including all the landscaping, sidewalk and curbs. It has great curb appeal. Landscaping is the first thing people see."

Bowles admires Prothers' commitment to providing the best quality job. Last year, Amherst Landscape and Design completed a Goshen stone wall and patio at Bowles' home.

"You can trust him that he'll get the job done on time and on budget" Bowles said. "Steve has a good crew and they're fun to work with."

Trent Poole, who lives on a cul de sac in Amherst, said Prothers and his crew have done several projects for homeowners on his street. After seeing some of the high quality projects completed by Amherst Landscape and Design Associates, he hired the company to repair a Goshen stone wall.

"They did a terrific job," Poole said. "I like Steve's crew They help each other out and respect each other. They're real craftsmen."

Amherst Landscape and Design Associates has done a number of projects over the years for Poole,

including building another wall, landscaping, installing mulch and flowerbeds, and removing trees.

Over the years, Poole and Prothers have become friends. "He's a prince of a human being," Poole said. "He's somebody you want to get to know and have a beer with."

About five years ago, Prothers installed a paving brick driveway for Poole. His driveway is on a hill

and the project was complicated, but Amherst Landscape and Design created a unique surface that Poole admires for its beauty and durability.

"The driveway matches the color of the house and gives it character,"Poole said. "It's a joy to pull into the driveway everyday."

Amherst Landscape and Design Associates installed a new walkway at Matt Zacarian's Amherst home this year. Prothers and his crew have also done other projects for Zacarian.

"The brick walk was a major Project," Zacarian said. "Steve had a vision of how the walk should look. It went from being a straightforward linear walkway to a very attractive, winding, inviting, paved walkway. It's wonderful. We're very pleased."

At the time Prothers was Planning the walkway, Zacarian was also having his driveway repaved. Prothers was most accommodating to all concerned, working to install the walkway in coordination with the Pavement companv's schedule.

"Steve is extremely easy to work with," Zacarian said. "He has a very good personality. He's a fun, nice guy."

Zacarian,who has known Prothers for a number of years, said he admires his friend's vision and creativity when tackling a project. He said Prothers can survey the landscape and visualize which plants, flowers and overall design will maximize the beauty of a space.

Gerry Devine, a Hadley selectman and owner of Devine Overhead Doors, has used Amherst Landscape and Design for projects at his home. Prothers and his crew have built two Goshen stone walls on Devine's property, which frequently inspire compliments from visitors.

"Steve's a creative guy who brings lots of great ideas to the table,” Devine said. "His crew is neat, clean and professional. I couldn't have been happier with the work they've done."


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